Pool filtration Zeolite – 15KG




With its ion exchange aspect, environment friendly structure and low cost, Zeolite – Clinoptilolite has replaced ordinary sands as pool filtering material in Europe, America and Australia. The awareness about the harmful chemicals used at the maintenance of pools leads conscious pool owners to choose healthy products like Zeolite.

Bad odours, skin irritations and eye inflammations are just some of the issues encountered by users of a properly maintained pool. Contrary to common belief, the root of those problems is not chlorine itself but is chloramine, which is formed with the combining of free-floating chlorine with ammonia that has sweat, body grease and urine in the pool as its source. In order to address and solve this problem, it is necessary to increase the amount of free-floating chlorine and to decrease the amount of free-floating ammonia in water.

Zeolite absorbs ammonia that mix into the water from sweat, body grease and urine at a rate of 95%. It prevents the free-floating chlorine in water from getting saturated with ammonia and from becoming ineffective against microbes. By increasing the effectiveness of chlorine use, Zeolite decreases the need to apply chlorine to the water. It decreases the cost of using chlorine. And minimizes eye and skin irritations.

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Weight 15 kg