• Zeogrow-Picture


    Zeogrow is a cutting edge, organic and biological foliar fertiliser made from micronized and activated Calcite and Zeolite.

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  • Zeolife-Picture


    Zeolife is an animal feed supplement that consists of micronized and activated natural Zeolite. Zeolife greatly improves the health of animals, large and small.

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  • Zeolife Health Plus

    Zeolife Health Plus is a super fine, micronized and activated health supplement made from natural Zeolite. Zeolife helps the body to detox and removes toxins and heavy metals.

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  • Heat it

    Heat It is a certified medical device that plugs into your smartphone, to quickly and easily treat itchy bites including mosquitos, horseflies, wasps and bees.

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  • Zeolife Health Plus Bath Soak

    Our detox bath soak is made out of 100% activated natural Zeolite which has a unique cage structure acting as an absorbent, drawing toxins, heavy metals and pollutants out of the skin.

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  • Zeolife for Pets

    An animal feed supplement for all animals, large and small. Zeolife increases the health of all animals and boosts immunities, whilst reducing the need for antibiotics. Zeolife also acts as an absorbent removing toxins, heavy metals and ammonia out of the animals body.

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  • Pool Filtration Minerals

    With its high ion exchange aspect and environment friendly structure, Zeolite – Clinoptilolite has replaced ordinary sands as pool filtering material in Europe, America and Australia.

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  • Wastewater Filtration Minerals

    Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates in a crystal structure, capable of absorbing many different types of gases, odors, moisture, petrochemicals, ammonia, heavy metals, low-level radioactive elements and more.

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  • Storm Water Filtration Minerals

    Thanks to its high cation exchange capacity, large surface area, highly porous crystal structure, eco-friendly composition and low cost it has a wide range of application for water treatment.

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About Volco Minerals


Established in 2014, Volco Minerals is a company passionate about its products because we are providing “gamechanging” benefits within health, agriculture and farming industries on a global scale.

Cutting-edge technologies and biological minerals combine to create a product range that stands apart from the rest. A product range that is naturally improving the food we eat, the health of our animals we raise and most importantly our body as a whole. All thanks to our Zeolites unique natural abilities and our method of micronization, (T.M.A.) achieving nano particle size whilst maintaining the unique atomic structure of our minerals.

Our aim at Volco Minerals is to help improve our health, the quality of Australian farming and agriculture by taking away the need for chemical fertilisers and supplements.

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