Micronized Zeolife could serve as a new natural remedy in anticancer therapy.

Such treatment of mice and dogs suffering from a variety of tumour types led to improvement in the overall health status, a prolonged life-span, and a decrease in tumour size.

Local application of Zeolife to skin cancers of dogs effectively reduced tumour formation and growth.

The range of effects on tumour growth in vivo are diverse:

  • Ranging from negative antitumor response, to normalization of biochemical parameters, a prolonged life span, and decrease in tumour size.
  • The best results in animals were observed in the treatment of skin cancer in dogs, suggesting that adsorption of some active components is responsible for Zeolife activity (direct contact action).

Test on 22 dogs suffering from various kinds of tumours were treated with Zeolife:

14 responded to therapy, i.e. the tumour disappeared completely or the tumour size was significantly reduced.

3 dogs had prostate tumours;

One of these was studied via ultrasound and found to also have a prostate cyst. This dog was conspicuously quiet, without appetite, and lethargic prior to the treatment. When conventional therapies did not work, Zeolife therapy was started. After just 2 days of treatment the dog became active, on the third day it began eating normally and on the fourth day the dog urinated normally.

On day 10 the cyst and the tumour were reduced in size and after 1 month they had disappeared completely. Although the prostate became only insignificantly smaller, the dog showed no signs of illness.

In addition to the effects of Zeolife on the primary disease, all dogs, even those in which the primary disease was not cured, responded to the Zeolife therapy in a positive way.

After about 7 days they displayed general constitutional and behavioural improvement that lasted even after therapy was discontinued.
The same was observed for some of the hematological and serum clinical parameters measured before and after the therapy.

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