What is Tribomechanical activation

Tribomechanical activation or (T.M.A.) was first realised in Russia almost 60 years ago and was further researched, refined and patented in 1998 by Tihomir Lelas in Geneva.

The process was specifically designed with the purpose of dynamically fine milling and micronizing materials into very small particles, both organic (whey protein concentrates, “W.P.C.”) and inorganic (zeolites).

T.M.A. is carried out by using two opposing rotors with specially designed blades, blasting particles against each other under atmospheric conditions. These blades rotate at speeds varying from 10,000 to 22,000 rpm. The particles collide with each other at intervals less than 0.001s thus breaking them down into ever smaller particles ranging from 1 to 25 μm and even within the sphere of nano dimensions. This increases the active surface of the particles significantly whilst maintaining the atomic structure.

TMA Discs

Download: TMA Study

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