How does Zeogrow effect your plants

Right from the first application, Zeogrow visibly affects the plants. Changes in appearance are already noticeable a couple of days after spraying.

This is first apparent in the colour of leaves. Foliage takes on a dark intense green colour and the whole plant gains a healthy appearance. To put it poetically, it gives the impression of a happy plant.

Previous research and studies on the effects of our product prove Zeogrow markedly intensifies and harmonizes the physiological processes in the plant, photosynthesis and primary metabolism, rapidly increasing the number of chloroplasts and chlorophyll cells in the leaf.

Zeogrow has a stimulating effect on the processes of secondary metabolism, it builds and strengthens the cell, cell’s nucleuses and membranes.

Zeogrow also regulates the inclusion of calcium which is an important element for healthy growth of the plant.

The products ability to trap, hold and release water within the plant makes the plant more resistant to drought requiring less watering compared to conventional fertilisers.

It has been proven Zeogrow treated plants produce higher yields. Research data verifies Zeogrow increases productivity of plants by 20 to 30 percent compared with the same culture on the same plot which was not treated with Zeogrow.

The increased yield is achieved due to more equal fruits, more biomass and increased resistance to fungus and pests.


The right plant has been treated with Zeogrow once, the left plant is untreated. Both plants have not been watered for 4 days


The Strawberries on the left have been treated with Zeogrow 4 times during the growing season.
Both fruits have been picked at the same time. The fruit on the right is already breaking down.


The left plants have been treated with Zeogrow twice. The right plants are untreated


The left plants have been treated with Zeogrow three times. The right plants are untreated

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