The benefits of using Zeolite as a dietary supplement have been studied for many years. But it’s only very recently through advances in micronization that Zeolites true potential has been realized.

Adding Zeolife to the feed or water at just 2% has many positive effect ranging from but not exclusive to gastronomical and metabolic improvements to immune system stimulation.

Our method of micronization (TMA) enables Zeolife to not only pass through the digestive tract but to be absorbed by the blood stream and therefore the body and its vital organs.
Negatively charged Zeolife flushes out positively charged heavy metals and toxins whilst stimulating metabolism and immunities. This improves the health of the animal in a lasting and natural way.

Zeolife is also noted for its environmental benefits. Absorbing ammonia in livestock reducing methane emissions. Zeolife can also be applied to manure, absorbing ammonia thus reducing odour and pest whilst making the ammonia plant accessible making the manure more favourable for fertiliser.

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