Improves Soil Quality

Increases Fertilizer Efficacy

Optimizes Water Usage and Retention

Natural Zeolites – Clinoptilolites are characterized as high capillary porous structures with high cation exchange capacities. They are the perfect soil conditioner and fertilizer additive that acts as a reservoir for water and plant nutrients.

Thanks to its High Capillary Porous Structure;

  • Increases water absorption and retention which reduces watering needs.
  • Acts as a water reservoir in dry and sandy soils.
  • Keeps beneficial microorganisms in the soil alive.
  • Absorbs excess water, and thus prevents root decays and fungal diseases.
  • Aerates the soil.

Thanks to its High Cation Exchange Capacity;

  • Holds and slowly releases ammonia, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Transforms your regular fertilizer into a slow – and controlled – release fertilizer. Economizes fertilizer usage.
  • Reduces fertilizer volatility and prevents loss of fertilizer due to leaching.
  • Absorbs excess ammonia, and thus prevents root burns.
  • Cultivates your plants and trees continuously in harmony.
  • Cleans your soil from toxic materials and metals.
  • Acts as a pesticide, fungicide, herbicide carrier.


Nutrients & fertilizers like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus leak through the soil with the leachate. There is also too much water loss.


Zeolite absorbs nutrients and fertilizers through cation exchange and then slowly releases them to the soil. Water loss is at a minimum.

The Advantages of Zeolite Over Other Conditioners

  • Ecocert certificated product.
  • Improves the soil quality and decontaminates the soil.
  • Excellent hardness. Stable in soil. Economic and effective for many years.
  • Highly porous structure.
  • Improves the efficiency of fertilizers. Reduces fertilizer costs.
  • Easy application, storage and transportation.
  • Produced by a leader in the Zeolite production, under the FamiQs quality control system, from the worlds’ purest (95 % Clinoptilolite) Zeolite deposit with Ecocert certificate.
  • Completely safe and toxic-free. There is no risk or danger of over dosage.
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Zeolite prevents;

  • Groundwater contamination that otherwise occurs in the absence of zeolite, due to fertilizers and other nutrients that are applied.
  • Soil erosion due to wind, in sandy soil.
  • Root burns in salty soils.


Since Zeolite – Clinoptilolite acts as a reservoir for water and plant nutrients, best results are obtained if charged with fertilizers before or soon after mixing it with the soil.

Grass & Turf Management

Zeolite is the most effective way to supplement root zone CEC and reduce fertilizer usage. Zeolites are slow release fertilizers. Plant nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium are held by the negatively charged clinoptilolite structure and are released on demand.

Zeolites increase nutrient retention; reduce environmental nutrient losses and reduce fertilizer requirements by establishing balanced nutrient supply that can be replenished in the plant root zone.

Zeolite adds a permanent water reservoir, providing prolonged moisture holding power during dry periods and it promotes rapid re-wetting and improved lateral spread of water in the root zone during irrigation.

Zeolite is very porous with an incredibly large surface area. The selectivity of Zeolite for ammonium helps buffer the soil and prevents toxicity when excess ammonium is applied. The retention and timely release of needed nutrients by the Zeolite improves overall crop yield. It provides a lasting reservoir of nutrients allowing the user to reduce fertilizers and have better vegetation.

The basis for Zeolite’s stable inorganic structure is the stacking of one alumina to five silica tetrahedra in a unique symmetrical arrangement. This symmetrical stacking results in an open framework with a void space which retains water. The net negative charge within the voids holds the cations for the cation exchange capacity. The open and negatively charged framework results in the Zeolite’s ability to exchange plant nutrients into and out of the stable three dimensional honeycomb framework.


Natural Zeolite – Clinoptilolite regenerates your sandy soil. It adsorbs fertilizers and nutrients in the soil and prevents them from leaching with the irrigation water. After adsorbing fertilizers and nutrients, it enriches and moisturizes your sandy soil.

Natural Zeolite – Clinoptilolite aerates your clayey soil. It prevents sludge formation. Enables the plant roots to access the fertilizers & nutrients easily. It stimulates the micro organismic activities in the soil.

Natural Zeolite, when mixed with compost, improves the compost quality and prevents leachate and bad odors.

Powder Spraying For Plant Protection

Zeolite powder can be sprayed to trees, vegetable and fruits to protect the plant against heat stress, and certain insects. It is also applied to remove the excessive moisture at the plants leaves. The whole plant (leaves, stems, fruits etc.) is covered with a thin layer of Zeolite. This fine Zeolite coating has many advantages for the plant.

  • Prevents sunburns
  • Reduces frost damages
  • Protects against insects, mites and pests
  • Improves photosynthesis and plant vigor
  • Controls fungal diseases
  • Reduces heat stress and olive drop
  • Increases olive weight and quality
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