Like many clays, Zeolite is used as an addition to many cosmetical products and as toxin remover. New usage areas for Zeolite are being discovered on a fast pace. A Zeolite paste can be used as treatment for burns, rashes, bleeding and bad odors. Zeolite is also used as an ingredient in soap, shampoo, face mask, bath salt, toothpastes, body cream and lotions.

Foot & Baby Powder

Zeolite is a safe powder that can be used as a baby powder and for feet to remove bad odors.

Body Cream

Zeolite is used in body creams and lotions to detox the skin.


Zeolite is used in soaps to remove toxins from the skin.

Face & Body Mask

Zeolite is a popular Face mask.


Zeolite is especially useful for smokers and for bad breath.

Pads and diapers

Zeolite has a high water absorption capacity which works great for pads and diapers.

Bath Salt

Zeolite is used as a bath salt which has a detox effect to the the whole body.

Detox Supplement

Zeolite can be used as a detox supplement. For more information, please refer to your doctor.


Medications containing pure Zeolite are already registered in Europe and the USA. For more information, please refer to your doctor.


For medical applications of Zeolite, please refer to your doctor.

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