Zeolife increases and fixes the nitrogen in the manure and compost so that it is plant accessible but not water-soluble. It is also increasing water retention, holding the nitrogen and other nutrients in the growth zone.

Furthermore, Zeolife provides a medium for the future capture of nitrogen, increases the ion exchange capacity of the soil, provides potassium and calcium, and enhances infiltration and aeration of the soil.

Fixing the nitrogen and various heavy metals within the Zeolite, it reduces the pollution of the groundwater with nitrates and nitrites.

It also stops the gassing of the nitrogen as ammonia. Reduced ammonia gas and increased moisture absorption also helps to control flies.

Zeolife significantly reduce odours (ammonia) generated in intensive animal husbandry areas such as cattle feedlots, poultry sheds, and piggeries. This improves health of the animals and reduces noxious odours reaching adjoining neighbours.

By adding Zeolife, sludge becomes a value-added, enriched organic slow release fertiliser due to its nutrient loaded Zeolite.

Zeolife could also be used a value added soil amendment

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