Filler & Raw Material


Many mineral products are available in the market as a filler. However most of these minerals do not offer extra benefits, they are just a filler.

The natural Zeolites exceptional properties, when added to and used as fillers, offer value added products. The Zeolite acts as more than just a filler, it acts as a special catalyst or as a stabalizer when used as an ingredient. The exceptional absorption capabilities of Zeolite enable special features in the final products like the ability to absorb odours and unwanted gases inside the product or its surroundings. The physical and mechanical properties of Zeolite add special attributes to the final products like strength, elasticity and resistance to heat, abrasion and corrosion. At the same time, Zeolite as a filler can reduce production costs by eliminating the need for special agents. It offers an economical advantage over other fillers. A non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Zeolite reduces the emission of undesirable substances that emerge during production and prevents the negative effects of these substances on human health and our environment.


Zeolite added to the paper production can change properties like porosity and absorption properties.


Zeolite makes the production of special, high quality cardboard possible. Cardboard with added Zeolite can absorb moister, odours and gasses. This is a great benefit especially for cardboard used in the food industry. For example, cardboard with added Zeolite used as a pizza box can offer a crispier pizza.

PA, PP and PE

Zeolite enables the production of plastic / nylon products with special features. As example, PE bags with added Zeolite lengthen the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene gas. These kind of bags are very popular in the transportation of fruits and vegetables. Our micronized 25 micron Zeolite is an excellent filler for polymer materials.


Zeolite reduces the density of the rubber and as a result improves the rigidity. Zeolite added rubbers have a higher elongation and tensile strength compared to standard rubber.

Raw Material

Natural Zeolite is the raw material used for the production of synthetic Zeolites, molecular sieves and special desiccants. The exceptional properties of Zeolite can be even further improved through modifications at special facilities.

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