The effect on the digestive tract of Zeolife (Clinoptilolite)

Zeolife greatly reduces the number of gastrointestinal infections by adsorbing and therefore reducing the ammonia from the digestive tract by up to 30-40%. This reduces the risk of toxic gasses forming in the stomach and intestines and promotes gut health.

Diarrhoea is often the body’s response to toxins, pathogens, or bad bacteria. The gastrointestinal system tries to get rid of these by inducing diarrhoea or nausea. Zeolife address the main cause of diarrhoea by capturing the toxic substances, heavy metals, even viral particles, which may be causing digestive stress. Zeolite also helps repair immune health through its antioxidant properties enabling the body to fight back viruses.

Previous experiments with two percent of Zeolife as dietary supplements for swine and poultry showed that animals generally grew faster, and the number and severity of intestinal diseases were decreased. A large decrease in the number of cases of gastric ulcers, pneumonia, heart dilation and the overall mortality is remarkable.
Zeolife can also adsorb cholera toxin and Escherichia coli enterotoxins.

In 1997, a new anti-diuretic drug for humans was introduced based on the physical and chemical properties of a purified natural Clinoptilolite.

Factors that create conditions for inclusion of natural Zeolite in the arsenal of rational prevention and therapy of organophosphate poisoning:

  • Lower resorption rate from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Weaker clinical signs of intoxication
  • Longer time span for the onset of specific therapy
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