Heat It

Introducing Heat It!

Heat it® is a certified medical device that plugs into the charging port of your apple or android smartphone. It utilises the scientifically proven principal of hyperthermia to treat your bites by applying a heated plate to the bite. Its effective on insect bites including mosquitos, horseflies, wasps and bees. This small and handy device attaches easily to your keychain to make it an ideal companion in everyday life, on holidays or playing sports.

Simple & fast

The result in 3 steps: Treat itchy insect bites in a few moments with your smartphone.
1. Simply plug heat it® into the charging port and the corresponding app opens.
2. You can now customise the treatment. By selecting adult or child (child treatment uses approx. 47°C), for those with sensitive skin and even the length of treatment (4,7 or 10 seconds). You then hit the start button.
3. After briefly heating up (to approx. 51°C for adults), the heating plate of heat it® is placed onto the bite. The app notifies you when treatment is complete.

How it works

When an insect injects venom, the body responds with the release of histamines which causes the itchiness. Hyperthermia is scientifically proven principle to reduce the itchiness of bites. Through the use of short heat treatment such as the heat it®, the heat shock leads to decrease histamine release and the heat stimulus acts as counter-irritation on the nerve. Thereby immediately reducing the itchiness of the bite and the length of time the bite would remain itchy for.

  • 100% safe and none toxic
  • Scientifically proven
  • Instant itch relieve
  • Always with you
  • Made in Germany
  • Chemical Free


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