Bone formation:

Zeolife has silicon in trace amounts which enhances bone formation.

It can have a therapeutic effect on individuals suffering from Osteoporosis because of its ability to stimulate bone formation.

Zeolife increases proliferation, differentiation, and transforming growth factor beta production in normal, adult human osteoblast-like cells in vitro.

In concentrations from 0.1 – 100 µg/m1, Zeolite induces a dose-dependent increase in DNA synthesis in normal human osteoblast-like cells.

Immunomodulatory effect

Zeolife applied external caused local inflammation at the place of application that attracted peritoneal macrophages.

Macrophages were activated which has been shown by increased O2- production.

Activated macrophages produced TNF- that, together with the other stimulants (e.g. other cytokines), stimulated splenic T –cells.

Clinoptilolite acts the same way after per os administration, affecting intestinal macrophages.


In human medicine, Zeolites have been used as anti-diarrheal remedies, for the external treatment of skin wounds and athletes foot, and in kidney dialysis for the removal of ammonia ions from the body fluids. The beneficial effects of Zeolites on hematopoiesis, and various disease states, including tumours, have been observed.

No toxic effects were observed in toxicology study of Clinoptilolite.

The physical status of examined animals showed no evidence of any harmful reaction during the studies.

Clinoptilolite is well suited for these applications because of its large pore space, high resistance to extreme temperatures and chemically neutral framework.

There are a few toxicology studies of Clinoptilolite obtained from different locations. The conclusion from all of them is that natural Clinoptilolite is not toxic and can be used in human as well as in veterinary medicine.

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