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Please contact for bulk pricing above 12KG. Bulk order discounts apply!


Please contact for bulk pricing above 12KG. Bulk order discounts apply!

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Zeogrow is a cutting edge, Organic and Ecological fertiliser that consists of activated Calcite and Zeolite, a plant nutrition that is 100% Biological.

Our product owes its extraordinary abilities to a patented milling process called Tribomechanical Activation.

Zeogrow differs from conventional fertiliser due to the ability to be absorbed through the leaf and immediately aiding in cell construction, photosynthesis and enhancing the plants metabolism.

Using Zeogrow is truly an ecological option, as the minerals work so well within the plant, the amounts needed are less than using conventional fertilisers. Reducing these amounts leads to cheaper fertilisation and also decreasing transport and storage costs.

The Zeolites ability to trap, hold and release water within the plant also reduces the need of watering which can have a huge impact in dryer areas. This again makes Zeogrow cost effective compared to its chemical competitors.

Improved crop yields, more biomass and shorter gestation periods are some of the most obvious benefits to the grower.

Our product strengthens the plants immune system and its natural resistance to fungus and pests which minimises, in some cases even eliminates the need of pesticides.

Reducing fertilisation costs and increasing end profits by using Zeogrow has been seen time and time again in many different climates. Our products have proven themselves throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

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  1. Have been using Zeogrow for over a year now and very happy with the improvement of the yields and above all taste of the plants .Chillies Yield up 18% Spinach Yield up5% But plants showed improved wilt resistance during stinking hot days . Lettuce 6 varieties AMAZING they became monsters and every one reordered because of the taste. Tomatoes Higher yield less pests and reduced watering by 5% Grapes This year showing better health and more fruit last year cant compare as lost my notebook :( GARLIC BUMPER year although the soft neck varieties gave more scrapes ? Cabbages no difference ? All in all money well spent as reduced other fert inputs by 70% increased balance with worm wee Happy to show people various plots phone 0439027445

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