Zeolife Health Plus Detox Bath Soak




The benefits of using Zeolite have been studied for many years. But it’s only very recently, through advances in micronization technology, that Zeolites true potential has been realized.

Our Zeolife Health Plus Detox Bath Soak  is made out of 100% activated natural Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) which has a unique
cage structure acting as an absorbent, drawing
toxins and pollutants out of the skin.

Zeolife has a highly selective absorption capacity, as well as a molecular sieve function, which makes it a perfect additive to detox our skin. Negatively charged Zeolife absorbs and removes positively charged heavy metals and toxins. This improves our skin health, can free up clogged pores and detoxes the body in a lasting and natural way.

Our method of micronization (TMA) enables Zeolife Health Plus Bath Soak to not only remove heavy metals and toxins but can also help with dry skin, rashes and painful spots by stimulating the healing process.