Natural Zeolite for Aquarium water treatments, Ammonia and Nitrate removal


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Natural Zeolite for Aquarium water treatments, Ammonia and Nitrate removal with bag

Natural Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) in grain size 1,6-3mm in a mesh bag.
Zeolite does an amazing job of getting rid of ammonia in emergency situations or when cycling your tank.

What is Zeolite?
Zeolites is a highly absorbent and porous Volcanic mineral. It is useful for it’s ability to capture and hold a variety of undesirable toxins and heavy metals, much like a sponge absorbs water.

How long can I use my Zeolite?
Zeolite for freshwater aquariums will readily absorb ammonia, making it a useful media when dealing with ammonia spikes or potential spikes. It is important to know that Zeolite does not work forever. In fact, it becomes saturated fairly quickly, at which point it no longer provides any benefit.
Within a month or less, it is exhausted and should be replaced or recharged. In cases of extremely high ammonia levels, the Zeolite may become exhausted in two weeks or less. When ammonia levels are elevated, always test frequently, replacing the Zeolite as needed to until the desired results are achieved. Once the ammonia has been eliminated, remove the Zeolite.

Recharge or Replace Zeolite?
The Zeolite used in freshwater aquariums can be recharged by soaking it in a 5-10% salt solution, which causes it to release the ammonia it has absorbed. After soaking for 24 hours, rinse the Zeolite well. Then spread it on a tray and allow it to dry in the sun for a day or two.

A faster alternative is to bake it in an oven for half an hour to an hour to dry it out. The Zeolite needs to be removed from the bag if drying in the oven. Obviously given the amount of time the recharging process takes, many do not feel the effort is worth it for small quantities of Zeolite.

Suitable for fresh aquariums.
Zeolite removes and controls harmful ammonia.
Eliminates toxic ammonia.
Perfect for when cycling your tank or for sudden ammonia spikes
Reduces stress on fish.
For use in new or heavily populated aquariums.
Rinse product well before use, otherwise blurring will occur.

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