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The benefits of using Zeolite as a dietary supplement have been studied for many years. But it’s only very recently through advances in micronization that Zeolites true potential has been realized.

Zeolife is added to the feed in small amount.
As Zeolife passes through the animal’s digestive tract, it aids in improving metabolism and nutrient uptake. Zeolite is also taken into the bloodstream and the body’s vital organs like kidneys, liver etc. absorbing unfavourable elements such as ammonia, heavy metals and toxins and flushes these out of the animals system.

Benefits of using Zeolife:

• Reduces the number of gastrointestinal infections by absorbing and therefore, reducing ammonia from the digestive tract by up to 30-40%.
• Reduces Diarrhoea.
• Reduced odours in litter trays and dog beds.
• The animal’s body is brought into a more alkaline state, tumours, cancers and parasites thrive in an acidic state of the body.
• Reduced Acidosis (grain poisoning).
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Zeolife was effective in eliminating poisonous effects of toxicants (Aflatoxins and Acidosis) and therefore, reducing the need for antibiotics.
• Aiding in disease prevention.
• Increased fertility, reproduction rate and survival of offspring.
• Acts as a natural detox. Zeolites are negatively charged minerals which absorb positively charged elements like heavy metals, toxins, tumour and cancer cells, flushing these out of the animals system.

Zeolife is also noted for its environmental benefits. Absorbing ammonia in livestock reducing methane emissions. Zeolife can also be applied to manure, absorbing ammonia thus reducing odour and pest whilst making the ammonia plant accessible making the manure more favourable for fertiliser.

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